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Explorer provides training and mentoring assistance to its clients. Training can range from detailed technical training for pipeline operators or management training on strategic planning. In addition, Explorer personnel have worked with its clients as mentors to assist in the implementation of new skills into the workplace. The trainers all have years of experience in their respective fields and provide real life examples of how the training can be used in day to day operations.


· Geophysical Exploration Methods
· Seismic Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation
· Seismic Stratigraphy
· Petroleum Exploration Methods
· Basin Analysis
· Geology of Clastic Reservoirs
· Geology of Carbonate Reservoirs
· Application of Marine Geology to Petroleum Exploration
· Applied Hydrogeology in Petroleum Exploration

· Drilling Methods and Procedures
· Horizontal Drilling
· Drilling Fluids Workshop
· Lost Circulation Control
· Formation Damage: Recognition, Prevention and Remedial Action
· Well Control
· Under Balanced Drilling
· Offshore Drilling Practices and Procedures

· Wellsite Evaluation Methods
· DST Testing and Interpretation
· Open Hole Log Interpretation
· Mud Logging

· Natural Gas and Condensate Engineering
· Gas Well Production Optimization
· Application of Coiled Tubing Technology
· Field Processing of Natural Gas
· Production Log Interpretation
· Completion Methods and Procedures
· Reservoir Stimulation
· Surface Production Facilities
· Artificial Lift
· Oil Well Production Optimization
· Workover Operations
· Offshore Production Facilities

· Introduction to Reservoir Interpretation
· Enhanced Recovery Methods
· Development and Reservoir Geology
· Development of Heavy Oil

· Planning and Design of Gas Processing Facilities
· Operation and Maintenance of Gas Plants
· Planning and Design of Crude Oil Refineries
· Operation and Maintenance of Refineries

· Application of Environmental Standards to Efficient and Economic ..Petroleum Operations
· Environmental Geology
· Environmental Awareness in Petroleum Operations
· Standard Environmental Practices in Petroleum Operations
· Environmental Auditing
· Environmental Management of Drilling and Production Sites
· Waste Management at Petroleum Operations Sites
· Oil Spill Containment and Recovery

Natural Gas Transportation
· Pipeline feasibility studies
· Route selection
· Facilities Sizing
· Cost estimates
· Project Management
· Regulatory applications
· Gas Measurement
· Pipeline operations

Liquids Transportation
· Pipeline feasibility studies
· Route selection
· Facilities Sizing
· Cost estimates
· Project Management
· Regulatory applications
· Liquids measurement
· Liquids Storage
· Pipeline integrity analysis/leak monitoring
· Pipeline operations

Transportation Tariffs
· Rate Design
· Cost-of-Service
· Uniform Annual Costs
· Cost Allocation

Natural Gas Distribution
· System design
· Customer requirements
· Regulatory considerations

· Natural Gas Marketing - North America
· Market Penetration studies
· Storage requirements

· Petroleum Technology for Management
· Petroleum Management
· Planning for International Projects

· Health and Safety
· H2S Safety
· Transportation of Dangerous Goods